The ABCs of Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun 3D Cheats

Pixel Gun games like Pixel Gun World and Pixel Gun 3D are able to stand out in the cluttered and oversaturated world of first-person shooter or FPS because they’re catering to the nostalgia gaming or retro gaming niche with their pixel art designs reminiscent of the blocky world of Minecraft (it even has a Minecraft skin for good measure). It’s so popular that pixel gun 3d cheats for its in-game currency are constantly being developed. The Pixel Gun games excel when it comes to showcasing the abilities of its user base with its fair but top skill requirements. It also rewards strategy and using the many functions and features available to the player. The charm behind the Pixel Gun games run far more than just skin deep. It’s not just a nostalgia act.


The Charm of Pixel Gun Explained


  • The world of Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World is a pixel-heavy one. Actually, it’s perfectly polygonal, but everything is simplified into 3D versions of pixel art that it looks like a 2D game converted straight into 3D without altering the sprites and everything else. There are monsters where you can hardly see the details of, looking like they’ve been censored by the news.


  • Then again, this is intentional and very Doom-like (the old Doom, not the new one). Aside from playing up the nostalgia, Pixel Gun 3D is also the fun game gameplay-wise. You can have hours and hours of fun fighting pixilated monsters with your variety  of pixel guns. You have the option to play Survival Mode to pit yourself against a gauntlet of AI monsters or go for Multiplayer Mode, where you’ll match wits with other players.


  • Every level at Survival Mode has a specific number of monsters you must defeat before moving to the next level, a la Doom. As for Multiplayer, you’ll be fighting other players to the death in  a player-versus-player or PvP kind of game. May the best player win. Finally, in the Skin Maker section, you can create skins from scratch a la the open sandbox game Minecraft or go with a preset character you ca n customize.


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