I have, as I expect you know, written a number of commentaries and participated in a number of televised debates on the issue of what is expected to be the efforts of the “Lame Duck” session of Congress to ram the DREAM Act through the legislative process.  I hate to be repetitive and I know that I have already written a few commentaries about my great concerns about the DREAM Act but this issue is so important that I feel compelled to write this commentary today.


Republicans should also start laying out their own positive alternatives. It’s not enough to simply repeal ObamaCare. Republicans will have to show that they have their own proposals for dealing with health care costs and the uninsured. They had a number of good ideas during the debate over reform, ranging from allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines to changing the tax treatment of individually owned insurance, but those ideas couldn’t get much of a hearing while the president controlled the agenda. Now they can.


Finally, Republicans in the House now control the power of the purse. They should refuse to fund implementation of the bill. For example, the IRS says it will need to hire as many as 13,500 additional IRS agents to administer the law’s unpopular individual mandate. Congress should refuse to appropriate the money to do so. All sorts of provisions could be subject to defunding. Theoretically, the House could go so far as to forbid HHS officials from spending any time working on any aspect of the law.

Cutting off funding risks having the Democrats shut down the government in an attempt to put public pressure on the Republicans to pass a budget with the health care funding that the president wants. President Clinton used this tactic successfully against the Republican Congress in 1996. But the public, as shown by this election, is in a very different mood now. And Obama is no Bill Clinton.

There are members of Congress who are, at this very moment, moving at warp speed to make a last-ditch effort to enact this legislative betrayal and must hear from We the People today!

Before I make note of the ways that the open borders/pro-amnesty advocates in the administration and in the Congress are attempting to deceive and betray the citizens and lawful immigrants of our nation, I want you to consider just how much chutzpah the “leaders” in our government are demonstrating…….

This is a grassroots effort to help you stay educated and to hold our representatives accountable.  It’s time to take America back and the only way to do that is through hard work and staying informed.