Difference Between Notebook and Laptop: Pros and Cons


Purchasing a device is not as easy as it sounds because there are some factors that can affect your decision like the specifications, size, and the storage capacity of the device. That is why when you are going to purchase a portable computer for your daily use, you need to list down all the things you are looking for so that you have an idea which one you are going to purchase.

Apparently, there is a huge difference between notebook and laptop, not only on the physical appearance but also on their specifications as well as capacity to do more work.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptop

  • Bigger Capacity – laptops are designed to cater better processing capacity compared to notebooks, making it better for multi-tasking and large software like photoshop or games.
  • Heavy – even though they are portable computers, it is still heavy to carry around, especially those models with big screens and big dimensions
  • More Work – because of its processing capacity and data storage, it can store a large number of files and programs and passes some requirements necessary for different programs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Notebook

  • Portable – being as large as your typical notebook, it is very lightweight compared to laptops and you can carry around even if you are using one hand.
  • Processor – since they are designed to be more portable, notebooks doesn’t focus on the core processor as long as it functions normally. That is why it can’t handle large programs like what a laptop can do
  • Functions Well – you shouldn’t underestimate notebooks because despite its small size, it is still able to function as a normal computer and is capable of doing the simple tasks like connecting to the internet, play videos and music, write term papers and do presentations, basically, the general things, making it still useful for students or working people.

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