Back Stretcher 101: An Overview For Your Relief

Back stretchers seem to be one of the best product nowadays for those who are suffering from back pain – whether the pain came from the bones or the muscles. Note that there are different sources of back pain, resulting in the companies who made the products to develop different types of stretchers. In this way, you will be able to optimize the way you relieve your pain once you wear the stretchers.

For yoiu to have a total overview of the back stretcher, take note of these notable types:

Lynx Portable Back Stretcher

Considered as the most popular type of stretcher that you can purchase. It can be brought everywhere, and you can set it up in a very easy way simply by folding the item up and by collapsing it down. It’s also known to be lightweight. To use the product, unfold it, and extend the product to secure the ankles on the supports for the feet. After that, use your hands on the leverage handles found on the product, then stretch the product further. This will provide you increased joint flexibility while it helps you in aligning your spine.

Lumbar Extenders

The lumbar extenders are made of one flat side faced with a side that’s structured in a convex way. There are also other extenders that can be placed between the back simply by installing it at the back of your seat. The product is excellent for supporting your lower back, as well as promote better posture when sitting down. You can also use it in a way where you can lay the extender on the floor, then do the same by laying down on it while you relax.

These are the two types of back stretchers that can ensure you a better way to relieve back pain, as well as experience other benefits that can greatly improve your back and spine’s condition.

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